Formula Development

Milott is a one stop shop for the design and development of new product formulae, packaging, and product claims. The Milott team of chemists have developed formulations for major beauty brands for nearly thirty years. All of these formulations are produced to global standards of quality. In addition, Milott Laboratories offers collaboration with their joint venture partners, Milott Cosmetic Corporation, Japan for the development of advanced formulae.
Milott are ready to offer knowledge and expertise for the creation of customised product ranges.

Product Development

Milott has an experienced development team, who can advice, and assist with the development of the product most suited to the customer’s target ranges. The Milott team can promote ideas, and options, for market position, product claims, and product branding, to improve the success level for the customers and to optimise product satisfaction for the consumers.
In addition, Milott Laboratories has an experienced In-house graphic design team, who are fully competent in meeting customer requirements for all types of design, including logo, packaging, labelling, media development, and other artwork needs.