Many customers have been with Milott since the factory opened in 1989, because Milott are TOPS.


Milott has built success on a passion for innovation, creativity and flexibility in both technologies and design services. Milott offers a world class manufacturing facility and coupled with an unrivaled range of formulations from their extensive laboratory facilities. Milott continuously re-evaluate, upgrade and invest to stay ahead.


Milott are flexible and offer turnkey projects or ODM, where we design and develop products to our own specification, and manage from start to finish. Alternatively, we can offer full contract manufacturing services or OEM, where we produce to the requirements and specifications provided by the customers. To ensure total operational efficiency, the plant is fully invested with SAP ERP systems for data tracking on a real time basis. The work force is multi-skilled, highly trained, agile and flexible. They can meet any production challenge.


We have state of the art machinery and equipment with flexible mixing and filling capabilities. We are able to meet any batch sizes to suit any customer, and we can fully leverage our economies of scale to the benefit of the customers. Milott is fully certified to standards of global quality and utilise globally recognised quality management systems and procedures. These include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22716, ISO/IEC 17025  as well as cosmetic GMP and BRC


Milott provides a full customer service package suited to the needs of each customer. In addition to all the necessary services that a customer would expect. Milott can also offer extra such as a dedicated regulatory affair department, a bonded warehouse facility, an In-house graphics team, and Halal certification. The bonded warehouse is particularly important for international customers, who wish to take advantage of duty exemption privilege. Milott attains zero duty status, on those materials that are imported and used in finished products destined for overseas. This enables clientele to use Milott as a distribution hub for the management and supply of product to their international markets. It is especially important for those customers requiring to take advantage of the AEC. Milott can also arrange third party Halal certification, for customers that require Halal approved products.


Milott operates strict global quality control systems and procedures across all steps of the manufacturing process including the check and inspection of incoming raw materials, the analysis of work in progress and the final inspection of finished product.
Milott assures about customers guarantee quality and implement global quality assurance standards. Milott is proud to be associated with reputable quality assurance authorities and bodies such as those on our accreditation lists.
Milott has modern laboratory facilities with the most up-to-date testing equipment and is able to meet the quality requirements of all customers. The quality testing is executed to the highest standards includes chemical and microbiological testing and is in full compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.